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July 10, 2018

What is Captain Black Bill?

Captain Black Bill is an outdoor treasure hunting App where real value in form of cryptocurrency tokens can be unlocked by finding secret codes at GPS locations. Community members, often called pirates or crew members, can create treasures, find and rob treasures and earn tokens by doing either.

Ugh, pirates sound scary. Is it dangerous?

Not at all! CptBlackBill is meant to be fun, social and suitable for anyone who likes nature, adventure and challenges. Please have a look at some of the treasures which have already been added.

Great, I love crypto tokens! Can I get rich?

No. We don't promote speculative token sales to any users or team members. Having fun, playing with blockchain technology and maybe make a small income for our community members by doing so, are the main goal for the project and team.

Well, definitely not right now. No can foretell the future - but having fun, playing with blockchain technology and maybe make a small income for our community members by doing so, will be the main goal for the team right now.

Dull, but anyway - tell me more about the tokens?

CptBlackBill is built on the EOS blockchain. A very fast and scalable platform that we think will be a big success in the following years. The token symbol for CptBlackBill is BLKBILL and was created on the EOS MainNet Juli 10, 2018 and 1 million tokens was issued on creation.

The BLKBILL token is initially worthless outside the Captain Black Bill app. You will get BLKBILL tokens when you unlock treasures and can use those tokens to build up your resources in the game.

Max total supply is limited to 10 billion tokens.

Oh, so what are the 1 million tokens for, and why not just issue all 10 billions in the first place?

Good question! The first one million tokens are held by an account named cptblackbill on the EOS MainNet. When crew members contribute with work on the project, they get a little bit of that one million. The token is initially worthless. However, the value will increase as work progresses and the project is considered valuable.

Issuing additional BLKBILL tokens are controlled by a smart contract. It triggers and issues new tokens when someone finds and solves a treasure on CptBlackBill. You can think of this as a form of mining, just like on the Bitcoin blockchain. The difference is that on CptBlackBill the value of work is mined at the moment a challenge creator’s work is redeemed/appreciated by a finder/solver.

Cool! So I get a brand new BLKBILL token every time I solve a treasure?

You will actually get more. But not so fast! Don't you want to know the value of the treasure before you run around for miles in the forest? What if it has just been robbed by another pirate or has just nickel-and-dimes in it?

Good point! So, how can I check the value of a treasure?

Easy, you click the Check Treasure Value button and pay 0.25 EOS ($1 USD). Every time a pirate does this, the value of that treasure increases and 10% of the paid amount is added to the Treasure Chest Reward Fund. When someone finds and solves the treasure, both finder and creator are paid out the equal amount of the current treasure EOS amount.

Eh? Why do I have to share the treasure with the creator?

Both creator and finder get the current value of a treasure when a finder solves it. This is important - otherwise the creators would just cash out the value themselves. By equally sharing the value, as well as ranking the treasures by how many unique users have checked and visited, there is an incentive for the creator to make great treasures, thereby encouraging as many people as possible to visit the location.

Nice, you guys have thought of everything! But what about the 10% that was added to the Treasure Chest Reward Fund?

The Treasure Chest Reward Fund (TCRF) calculates and distributes value back to the best and most popular treasures. You see, the actual value of CptBlackBill is great content in the form of good pictures, great videos and adventure places with fun challenges people want to do. The TCR-Fund (cptbbfinanc1 smart contract) is responsible for calculating the rating based on number of video views, number of video likes, total turnover value and total ads turnover.

ADS?? I'm out! I just hate those blinking gifs and popups!

Yeah, so do we. But we also want to include the retail marked in CptBlackBill and make a more interesting solution for advertising than seen on other platforms like Facebook and Google.

What if the ad was for a product you received for free if you solved the treasure? Like an extra bonus prize? This is the beauty of smart contracts on a blockchain. We can create trust between two parties without a middleman. The solution is this: Retailers can add product advertising for free on each treasure but they have to stake the value of the product they are advertising for up front. The first person who solves a treasure will win that product and the advertiser is responsible for sending the product to the winner. If the winner doesn’t receive the actual product, the winner gets the staked value instead.

What about my privacy? Do you track where I go and collect my information?

No, we don't even ask for your e-mail. You only need to enter a twelve letter account name of your choice. But that twelve letter account name is visible on the EOS public blockchain if you create or rob treasures and will be present on the EOS blockchain forever. Choose an anonymous account name if you prefer not to be recognized or your name if you want to promote yourself as a great treasure hunter.

This is so cool! When can I start?

You can try it out right now! The CaptainBlackBill App is currently in beta testing and will launch in june 2019. But the beta test is public available for everyone and you can try it out right now by downloading from Google Play or Apple Store on the Get Started page.

Thanks, and can you please tell me who is behind CptBlackBill?

Sure, my name is Bjørn Omsland and I'm a full stack developer from Norway working for different ecommerce companies.

I also love all kinds of outdoor activities like climbing, mountain biking and skiing. So combining the two things I love the most by building something on EOS - the most exciting platform I have seen as a developer - I'm just having a lot of fun.

Source code

The source code for the smart contract cptblackbill is available on GitHub here.


July, 2018
Writing the whitepaper and building the first prototype smart contract. Create and issue BLKBILL tokens. Launching prototype on the EOS MainNet.

August 1, 2018
Prototype ready for testing.

December, 2018
Rebuilding, testing and adding more functionality to smart contract.

January, 2019
Deployed updated smart contract to EOS MainNet.

February, 2019
Developing CptBlackBill iOS-app and Android-app.

March, 2019
Deployed beta-test versions to Apple Store and Google Play.

April - May 2019
Testing and ongoing improvements

June 2019
CaptainBlackBill available for all users

July 2019
Release party and treasure hunt competition for team members.

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