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Making treasures tutorial!

Whats in it for me?

Treasure makers are the average winners when it comes to income on Cpt.BlackBill. Remember, you will get the same amount as the finder when someone rob your treasure.

Making the treasure object

The treasure should be a red painted stone or a peace of wood with the secret code painted or engraved.

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It should be able to withstand the weather and the specific outdoor conditions at the location for three years.

Engrave the code to a stone if you place the treasure in water or conditions with ice or snow.

Don't use plastic or other materials that don't belong in nature!

Placing the treasure

Find nice locations and challenges you think people want to visit and solve. Take a great picture and mark the location of the treasure on the image. Remember that you can place and activate a new secret code if the treasure is solved. If you already have a great picture and description its very easy to just reactivate if the treasure is in your neighbourhood.


Standard equipment for making or solving treasures are a 30 feet (10 meter) climbing rope, harnes, two carabiners, diving mask, compass and headlamp.

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If the treasure need some special equipment or skills other than that, you should write that in the treasure description.